About us

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Miss Kerre Fashions is a retail clothing store with both online and physical stores. We are one of the biggest ladies fashion retail stores in Kenya and Rwanda. We specialize in making sure we are a trend setter in the east African fashion scene and cater to Ladies with an interest and inclination to fashion, style and appearances.

Our biggest endeavor and achievement that makes us stand out is the ability to provide the latest and widest variety in the local and international fashion trends. Besides this we make sure we do this in a way that serves the widest market margin by targeting ladies of all sizes both big and small and allowing them access to the latest fashion and to be able to express their style in an environment that caters for all.

Our target market are the middle class and upper middle class with the aim to also cater for the upper class society in the future. We established that the middle and upper middle are the biggest market in the local economy who would readily invest in themselves satisfactorily.

Miss Kerre Fashions is a Limited company owned by Miss Yvonne Kerre who is the founder.

Company History

We are located in Nairobi, Eldoret, Uganda and Rwanda.  We commenced business in 2013 in Eldoret town as a jewelry business with a starting capital of ksh 5,000. The business owner Yvonne later acquired a shared store 4 months later within the same town. After sharing the store for about 3 months Yvonne acquired ownership of the whole store from her profits.

A few months later Yvonne acquired a fashion clothing store also in Eldoret that was specializing in clothing. This was acquired with a loan she got from a friend of ksh 50,000 which was to be repaid in 3 months with a ksh 10,000 interest. This was repaid promptly and the store was successfully established. One year later Yvonne moved to Nairobi where she started an online fashion store and finally opened our first Nairobi shop in 2013 December which serves now as the main outlet store. The Rwanda branch was opened about 1 year after the Nairobi store and recently we opened  a collection outlet in Uganda in November 2015

Yvonne started her first store as a jewelry store in Eldoret getting merchandise from Nairobi, a business that was thriving in Nairobi but had not yet caught on in Eldoret. She quickly established this gap and took full advantage of it. The second shop was a ladies clothing shop and she got her stock from Kampala in Uganda.

Yvonne started to deal in imported Europe merchandise a year later when she traveled to Europe after finishing her degree program. The exposure in the western fashion industry made her realize the big gap in the African market and embarked immediately to fill this gap by providing similar services in East Africa which was better quality variety and designs of fashion apparel and better service to customers.

Our Rwanda store was opened 2 years later with the aim of working in alignment with the vision of the company which was to be the best and biggest international chain retail store in Africa. We felt the need to adopt different markets and decided to use Rwanda as a pilot program to start with. we have recently opened another branch in Uganda at grand imperial hotel in Kampala .We plan on taking this further into other east African countries and in the future extend to the rest of Africa, one milestone at a time.

Yvonne Kerre the proprietor studied a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Moi. After finishing she has spent the rest of her time focused on the business and its growth. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a keen business lady and over the past 4 years has acquired vast knowledge especially through experience on running a retail business and on managing people.